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The Exponential Growth of Data Science Jobs- Employndeploy

In the recent decade, the data science jobs and their requirements have hiked up. There have been a drastic growth in the data analytic that are being used in the enterprises of various modules. From E-commerce to trading and much more, it has expanded in several various industries. There is a data stream for everything. From getting business insights to preparing marketing strategies and increase conversion rates, there have been a higher influx in the field.


Lack of workforce


While there has been a growth in demand, there aren’t enough qualified personnel capable of handling data science jobs. There is a drastic lack of resources in the companies as there is a lack of manpower. Hence, there is a requirement for those who have apt skills that can prove to be beneficial in data science jobs.


Skill set requirement for Data Science Jobs

You need to possess a well-versed command over Python or R from the popular languages and packages. Intermediate SQL is also vital to establish a firm stance in the profession. Understanding probabilities and statistics and data communications with analysis is also the important skill to possess. Apache Spark and other platforms would prove to be beneficial and offer higher-paying jobs with the better designation.

Three prominent Data Science Jobs

Data Analyst: The baseline personnel whose salary can vary greatly. A data analyst is responsible for examining and understanding data to answer questions like offering insights and making predictions.

Data Scientist: This job-profile is similar to Analyst but with the flexibility of modifying any module, application or machine to tweak its performance for better results. A strong asset would be proficiency in machine learning aspects.

Data Engineer: This is a software-oriented job where you will need to enhance your programming skills to ensure they can build and maintain a robust infrastructure.



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Source:- https://static.employndeploy.com/blog/the-exponential-growth-of-data-science-jobs/

Source: http://static.employndeploy.com/blog/the-exponential-growth-of-data-science-jobs